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About Us

Client Pick-Up

ACT Recycling will pick up electronics directly from our clients. We have a 26ft box truck that allows us to pick up a full truck load or a smaller amount depending on our client’s needs. The keys to success for ACT Recycling are our:

  • Reliable, friendly service

  •  R2/RIOS certified recycler to help protect our client's data

  • Ability to provide service throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan area, including Jefferson and St. Charles County

  • ACT Recycling will work with the client’s schedule to accommodate the pick-up of electronics items that works best for the client

  • Contact us today to schedule a pick up..


Arch City Technology Recycling is a R2 and RIOS certified recycler. Below is our QEH&S policy and our commitment to provide solutions for the responsible, effective management and removal of end-of-life electronic assets in a manner protecting the environment, worker health and safety, our clients and our community.  

An additional location owned and/or operated by Arch City Technology Recycling that is not R2 Certified and is used to manage used or end-of-life electronic equipment, components, or materials is Midwest Material Recovery in St Louis, MO.

Company Compliance

Arch City Technology Recycling understands that the success of your e-waste compliance program is geared around the following:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations.

  • Certified electronics recycling that achieves all manufacturer internal recycling policies.

ACT Recycling will assist in the following areas:

  • Tracking and recording of all data necessary for compliance.

  • Assistance in and/or completion of registration and reporting requirements.

  • Provide certificate of recycling to ensure data security.

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