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Arch City Technology Recycling

Arch City Technology Recycling is a certified R2/RIOS recycler that offers our customers socially and environmentally responsible recycling for all computer and electronics items. We offer superior customer service, strict environmental standards, and secure data destruction. We service large corporations, small businesses, municipalities, and school districts located in the St Louis, MO area. We offer no cost pick-up for area businesses, contact us today to schedule a pick-up of your electronic recycling.

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Data Security

Information is a valuable commodity which grows as companies expand and extend their global reach. At Arch City Technology Recycling, we know protecting your information, including client communications, financial transactions and databases, is a top priority for your company. If a data breach occurs, companies lose their clients' trust and thus lose their business. ACT Recycling can protect you against such data breaches by offering data destruction and data security. ACT Recycling and its affiliate companies can handle any size of data destruction to fit your company's needs. We offer our clients hard drive destruction and can also make a video of the destruction as it happens to ensure your clients' information is destroyed and help you maintain your clients' trust. 

Below are some data breaches and how it has affected the companies. ACT Recycling will keep your data secure. 

Data Breach Settlement

Updated November 30, 2018

Data breaches are on the rise, putting more customers at risk of fraud and identity theft every year. Hackers can access everything from email passwords to Social Security numbers, making data breaches like Yahoo's in 2013 and 2014—which compromised 1.4 billion accounts—potentially devastating for consumers.

Morgan Stanley to pay $35M after hard drives with 15M customers’ personal data turn up in auction

9:05 AM CDT • September 21, 2022

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has agreed to settle charges against Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MSSB) for its “astonishing” failure to protect the personal identifying information of some 15 million customers.

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Downstream Transparency

ACT Recycling tracks all e-waste entering its facility at all stages, from receiving reports, to reconciliation reports, to downstream vendors. This assures that all e-waste received by ACT Recycling is 100% recycled and traceable. This ensures that e-waste does not end up in local landfills and also ensures that it is not exported to Non-OECD nations.

Certificates of recycling are issued by ACT Recycling. Thus, creating a level of comfort for clients knowing that their e-waste is being disposed of lawfully and ethically.

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